You Were Lied to Your Entire Life

February 24, 2014

My grandparents grew up in the Soviet Union and were force fed bullshit their entire lives. There learned fictitious versions of Russian history. Had to memorize made up biographies of barely cognoscente men. They were forced to learn comically flawed political theories and had to recite them ad nauseum. If you didn't question everything, there was a chance that you'll believe retarded bullshit for a large part of your life.

So the question is, are things better in Amerikee land of freedom, Ronald Reagan and eagle tears, or are we inundated with half truths and propaganda in an Empire of Lies.

In every Social Science class you were repeatedly lied to. Here's your history text books picture of George Washington and here is the full picture. I guess having an 8 year old boy-slave makes George Washington less heroic. But don't ask any questions about slavery, that's not in the lesson plan until way later. Then later when you ask about Thomas Jefferson's love of chocolate, during the slavery chapter the teacher will tell you that she already talked about the founding fathers. So basically the lesson plan effectively avoids the issue of America's Founders had human cattle, by artificially splitting the discussion into two mutually exclusive chapters.

Your Psychology teacher will talk about Sigmund Freud and his theories of childhood development. But she wont talk about his theories on women and or how he railed cocaine like it was 1980.

The Social sciences are taught in a way that intentionally avoids intellectual debate. Feminists often call, playing devils advocate or raising legitimate concern JAQing off. These people don't want to have a discussion. These people don't care about the truth they care about the lesson plan. These people want you to conform and believe in their fictitious politically correct world.

There are many Red Pills. You need to come to your own conclusions. You need to see the world for what it realy is. Cocaine is awesome. Women suck. Slaves built America.

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