Your brain and the Pill

November 1, 2016

tl;dr: Be truthful to yourself.

We have a picture of the world in our brains. It is not perfect - merely a model of reality stored in our memory.
We have a picture of our goals and ourselves on the path towards those goals in our brains.

When the two pictures match we are satisfied and content: we are on the correct path, even if right now is far from perfect.
When the two pictures do not match there is anxiety and stress: seeking for better solutions, reexamining the goals and correcting ourselves to get back on the right track.

Alternatively, when the two pictures do not match, you can internally change the picture of the world. It is much easier, as the picture is entirely in your head and can be modified at will. Doing so will reduce the anxiety just as well, by making both pictures match again.

That is, until the real world is so incompatible with your internal representation that you can't just misrepresent it internally - there is too much difference and contradiction. When this happens you are faced with new world view, but instead of slight difference requiring little modification to your internal goals and actions, you are now facing total meltdown and destruction of your internal self. The stress and anxiety turn into depression and panic.

Learn to keep your internal representations of the world and yourself as close to reality as you can. If you don't have the pill yourself you will have it shoved down your throat by the world later.

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