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Your Devotion is Worthless

May 29, 2018

Most men who fail with women, fail because they apply the "Golden Rule".

They treat women how they would wish to be treated, and, when they desire love, they act in a way that would inspire love in them. But men and women are different, and they want different things. How you wish to be treated, women hate. And how women wish to treated, you would hate.

The easiest way to understand how this is so, is to understand why this is so.

Many of you are in university right now, and some of you are nerds and will graduate with degrees in Computer Science, while others are losers and will graduate with degrees in Literature. Five years after that, you will have very different experiences.

The Literature graduates will be desperately looking for a job, any job, and worrying about the rent.

The CS graduates will be ducking phone calls and emails from Amardeep Nagpal, who wishes to advise them of much very fine opportunity to move to San Francisco and spend sixty hours a week coding javascript for some shitty startup's website for fifty bucks an hour. He also wants them to have a blessed day.

Now, the Lit guys would be thrilled to have a job come looking for them, and aren't going to understand that software engineers loathe Amardeep for the same reason that women despise attention from most men. It makes no difference to the engineers that Amardeep is very impressed with them, they get that every damn day. They are swimming in a sea of attention from the Amardeep Nagpals and Pritesh Krishnamurtis of this world. They hate them because San Francisco is a shit city, working sixty hours a week is a shit life, and fifty bucks an hour is a shit wage.

Men who court women by telling them how devoted they are making this same mistake... men's devotion is worthless, because girls have been swimming in a sea of constant male attention, love, and devotion since they were old enough to recognize emotions in other people. Offering them your love and devotion is like offering them plenty of air to breathe. They can get it anywhere. What they want isn't men who care, but men who are awesome.

  • Do not offer women your devotion. Your devotion is worthless.
  • Do not show them how deeply you care about your their feelings. Everyone cares about their feelings. Human beings are genetically hardwired to care about their feelings.
  • Do not tell them about how awesome you will treat them. Everyone is nice to them. Human beings are genetically hardwired to be nice to them.
  • Show them how awesome you are.

Men want to be treated awesome by someone okay. Girls want to be treated okay by someone awesome.

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