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Another red pill confirmation story

November 8, 2018

I befriended some 20 years old girl recently from the village where I come from - let's call her A. We were drinking few times with some other people and we had small conversations in group of 3+ (I didn't really talk with her 1 vs 1). She also has cousin that is single mother of few years old baby and she is also 20 years old - let's call her B. Both girls are in 4-6/10 looks range depending on your preferences.

I met A this summer and we had few parties and she has interesting stories. She received for her birthday vibrator few years ago but she destroyed it. She has some shy chinese girl friend that is watching depraved shit like efukt etc. We were talking how women have it easier that they just lie down and moan and there were sparks in her eyes and she said 'yesss' then said she is studying but she said that if that didn't destroy her future she would love to be a prostitute and have sex all the time. I don't know how many sexual partners she had but she has mentioned at least 4 dudes. One wanted her to do shows on webcams where they would bang together. I told her that I read somewhere that best sex must be depraved and she said that probably yes because few weeks ago she had sex in public place during the evening(some city area where there's lots of tourists) and it was good. She also mentioned one story that she had gay friend and she once went back to her apartment and her boyfriend was banging with her gay friend and they ignored her and proceed to have sex. She was in some open relationship this summer and when she was drunk she grabbed my ass and told me she is going to rape me but stopped immediately and she aknowledged she is drunk, her guy from open relationship was 10m in front of us - but we were walking so he didn't see anything. She drinks, smokes, does soft drugs.

Two weeks ago we had small party and there was me, my friend and A and B. We had again some conversations about relationships etc and I told them that girl usually knows if she wants to fuck a guy within few seconds, B interrupted that it's usually love since first dicking. A agreed, then B proceeded that sex must be good otherwise they will break up or look for side dick. My friend who was cheated on few times got angry got that B girl 1:1 and they were talking and B said that if they were in relationship and sex was poor she would cheat on him like nothing. Then I told my friend, 'didn't I tell you? We are only seed and wallet for them, nothing else'. A and B didn't even react A just repeated what I said and there was poor realism in their face expression like that's nothing. A and B then were talking about anticonception - which is good to use. B giggled that her mother asked her recently if she has sex and she responded 'you know mom like everyone' and she had conversation about it with her mother. B also said she wasn't sure if she slept at all - did she have some side effects during the night after snorting white powder last evening or if she really had few hours of sleep - laughing. Single mothers are great.

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