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September 10, 2018

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Longtime girlfriend of brother wanted to renovate this old familial house to live in with their kid, brother spends more than 50k on the house over years, her? Not a dime. Girlfriend spawns her little shit, brother works 2 awful jobs, comes home to take care of the kid and do the chores around the house because girlfriend needs "her time" and she's "tired".

Present day, 2 years later, she cheats with some guy she's been seeing for a while and breaks up with brother, he's out. Her brand new house on paper, but his money.

Now brother lives with me until he gets an apartment because he has slowly alienated the rest of his family and friends over this girl nobody liked, keeps crying about how much money he spent on that house and how he's done with women. This is my older brother by 5 years btw, a guy I used to look up to when I was a kid, now crying on my couch over some bitch that ruined his life.

I can hardly feel any sympathy at this point, what is happening to men?

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