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Mom is a narcissist obsessed with showing off in tiny spandex shorts, but I'm the asshole

November 11, 2021

Pretty self explanatory. My mom is divorced and lives for attention from guys at the mall. She has recently found she is most successful when wearing tiny spandex booty shorts, which are normalized now because of 'athletic wear'.

I personally think its weird and gross that my mom wears these all the times for attention. The shorts she wears are clearly made for the gym. Some of them are so short you can see her butt cheeks. I find this shameful and embarrassing but whenever I've posted about it my posts get deleted or locked and I'm accused of slut shaming.

It's not just the way she dresses but the fact I have brought this up to her and she dismissed it completely. Her need for attention and validation is more important than my feelings.

One chick even made a whole thread about what a POS I am for slut shaming my own mom.

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