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Playing the game on easy mode

June 24, 2019

I've given a lot of thought lately into potentially moving out of the country (maybe Eastern Europe) if not just for the better marriage/divorce laws to safely start a family, but I'm also aware that there are men out there who have moved to other spots like the Philippines and are much more successful "i'm a loser here but a god there". I've heard Rollo talk about this as "playing the game on easy mode" and is no buffer against their hypergamous instincts...fair enough, but I think there is something to be said that moving out of the country for better women/marriage (so long as you are a high value man) is going to be a more popular option in the days to come. I'm curious if anyone here has been successful or who knows someone who has had success in facilitating that transition, what country, how much money you needed to do it comfortably, what languages did you need to learn? It just seems like shit is never going to get better here and I'd like to start researching this possibility soon to start planning for a distant future.

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there who have moved to other spots like the Philippines and are much more successful

I recommend checking out GrisBosque. He's got some interesting ideas about how to approach living down south, if you decide to that route. I can't help but think this is sort of like a contagion that will only expand. So personally my attitude is more one of protection of resources and decoupling from a system that appears to be in the process of failing. Society is going to need new ideas as that point gets closer.

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