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Tifu by giving my girlfriend a fake scratch off winner.

October 17, 2018

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This was 18 months ago. My gf of 8 months.

So I occasionally buy scratch offs and I seen a video on YouTube where they pranked a relative with fake scratch offs.

So I decided to do this to my gf for a bit of fun. I started buying real ones more often in the weeks before my prank when we were at the store together or she is in the car while I pop in for petrol I'd buy two and give her one to scratch off and I'd do the other, I made a point of saying we'll share any winnings.

So prank day comes, we are sitting in the car and I've just bought petrol and I come out with two scratch offs. One fake winner. One real.

Give my gf the fake winner and the real one. Tell her to scratch them off while I drive off. She scratches them off and obviously I am watching her in my periferal vision as I am driving, when she scratches of the winner there is a serious pause about 5 seconds and then she says, nope we didn't win anything.

I'm expecting celebration and got nothing so, I just kind of shocked say ok, and I continue to watch her in my periferal, she subtly slides the fake winner into her purse and without missing a beat acts completely normal. I do however notice she starts using her phone like crazy.

So that broke us up. Fun.

Tl;Dr bought my gf a fake winning scratch off for a bit of fun and she pretended not to win to keep the fake winnings for herself.

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