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Women start messaging after I become employed from unemployed

November 30, 2020

Bi guy here. Fairly average looking (above average if I shed weight,my weight keeps on fluctuating 10 kgs +-).

So throughout my late teenage life I was an introvert. I always viewed myself as a failure due to a combination of low self esteem and poverty (my peers were rich). However, despite my shit like confidence, i managed to secure an average job. Not very high paying,but then it helps boost my self confidence from nil to something. It is a decent job in a decent company. I was a Semi Neet Before I got this job after a lot of tribulations.

Ever since folks have come to know about my job, their reactions have changed. I met a childhood friend of mine, I suspected she always had a crush on me. When she realised that I had a job now, she opened up and said thst she would like to date me now since I was a class peer and could manage her demands. Now,I was taken aback by this ridiculous attitude. Made me realise that a woman would leave you in a split second if you were to become poor or if your income would reduce. This shallowness made me feel repulsed from her. Now I realize as to why so many women have started connecting with me after refusing to even recognize my existence even though some has crushes on me (I knew it through our mutuals).

We are all worth our wallets to women.

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Yep women can smell success like sharks smell blood.

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Yep gold diggers are just the tip of the iceberg xD
Be happy that you are red pilled so you can protect yourself from it now.

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Please say you rejected them and told them to f off

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We are all worth our wallets to women.

ding ding

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