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The Trans Movement is Great for MGTOW

May 10, 2021

I can't take full credit for what I'm about to talk about. TFM has been discussing this issue over the last couple years, and he inspired what I’m about to discuss. Consider this a thought experiment.

Among the chief problems facing men in the current year is the multitudes of laws and regulations and policies that have been instituted to reward women undeservedly and unjustly punish men. That is all well documented on a daily basis in the various manosphere subs and sites.

  • Women overwhelmingly get custody of children.
  • Women overwhelmingly obtain alimony.
  • Any man can be accused by any woman at any time and the man is automatically guilty.
  • Scholarship and diversity programs disenfranchise qualified males to educate or hire unqualified females.
  • Women overwhelmingly receive shorter prison sentence is for committing the same crimes as men.

I could probably go on for some time, but MGTOW men already know these things. The gynocentric society has been set up, and they simply will never relinquish the special advantages that they have given themselves. MGTOW men accept this as reality- because it is. And we know that there is no way to change it.

However, there is, as TFM puts it, a cheat code for Clown World. What if a man looked deep inside, and determined that he really wasn't a man, but a woman? This is where things get interesting. If a man agrees, after deep soul searching, to identify as female, he is then entitled to all the privileges and perks given to women in our society. For example, a British city contemplated a 6:00 PM curfew for men to keep women safe. As a man, what if you want to go out after 6:00 PM? The answer is simple. Identify as a female. Clown world has rules. They are nonsensical, but they are rules nonetheless. And one of the biggest sins in clown world is to question someone's gender. As we all know, according to clown world, gender identity is a social construct and no one is to assume anyone's gender, nor are they to question someone stated gender. This is grounds for immediate cancellation. So, if you're in that British town that gives a curfew of 6:00 PM for men, simply identify as female. They are not permitted to question that, and you can go about your business. Problem solved.

Are you going through a divorce? Is the custody of the children in question? Identifies a female! State in court that you're the child's mother. In clown world this cannot be questioned. How can the court then give one mother an advantage over the other mother? And, if the court gives advantage to the biological female, are they not engaging in discrimination against a trans person? The Supreme Court has ruled the trans people are now a protected class. As a trans person you cannot be discriminated against in any way, shape, or form!

Do you want a college education, but need a scholarship? If you're a straight white male, not only is there no assistance for you, you're also a walking target on a college campus. However, if you after some soul searching, declare that you're a trans female, you can get a female scholarship! And if you are denied, you have a great lawsuit on your hands. Want to dominate a female sport? Go for it. No one can stop you. Want to be immune from the “rape culture” witch hunts? Congratulations, in Clown World, women can’t commit rape. Do you want a job? Aren't corporations and organizations around the country excluding white males from their workforce? But, if you identify as a trans woman, not only do you qualify for a position as a female, but you also qualify as a trans person. This gives you more “oppression points” then a white female. Guess what? You may be hired over the white female. If one of the feminists (TERF’s) in the office decides to falsely accuse you, use the cheat code! You have more oppression points than a feminist. Maybe she gets fired? If a female coworker says you’re not a “real woman,” report her to HR and watch her get fired! The possibilities are nearly endless.

Isn't diversity beautiful?

Now some of you are going to ask, “I don't want to dress as a woman. What do I do?” The answer is simple. You can, after considerable soul searching, identify as a masculine presenting transgendered lesbian. In that circumstance, you don't have to change your clothes. You can simply act as you always have. You might want to wear a little trans flag on your shirt or coat to identify yourself as being down with the cause, but you really don't have to change much of anything else about you. You might want to change your driver’s license to female or something like that but otherwise your life really changes very little. Remember that in clown world, your gender identity cannot, under any circumstances, be questioned. If one person's gender identity is questioned, then anyone's gender identity can be questioned. And clown world simply can't allow for that. After all, that would be hateful.

Others may question if I'm suggesting that people pretend to be something they're not, be dishonest, or go against their principles. All I can say is this is a cheat code. TFM described it that way, and I agree. Clown world is based on feelings, not reality, and because of that, clown rules are easily exploited. And if you're willing, you can use this cheat code to navigate clown world, as well as get every advantage that females receive due to the gynocentric system. Just look deep inside in reflection and self-examination and determine that you’re really female. According to Clown World, and the Supreme Court, you’re now a woman-no questions asked!

Others will say the clown rule doesn't have to follow its own rules. I understand this completely. Clown world is built on hypocrisy, but because it is run by feelings it is easily manipulated. Plus, parts of clown world are now the law. If you're not accepted to the college or get the job because you're a trans woman, you have legal recourse now. Not only that, but you can also turn public opinion against the institution that is wronging you.

Again, this is a cheat code. As TFM suggested in his videos, you can do life on hard mode. You can be disadvantaged at every turn by the gynocentric system, or you can do some soul searching and use this free cheat code. Your life does not have to change, but you can gain all the advantages of being a woman.

And, if anyone can be a woman, is there any real advantage to being a woman?

I wonder if we should become the biggest trans allies of all. In fact, maybe many of us really are trans, and we just haven’t done the inner soul searching to find our inner masculine presenting transgendered lesbian.

Video Links: You'll have to head to bitchute and search for these titles on TFM's channel. Reddit had previously removed this post for spam. Guess they don't want people linking to wrong-think.

"Lean into the Crazy"

"Learn the Rules Win the Game"

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