Most twitch thots and pornstars have boyfriends/husbands. If a body count in 1000s isn't enough for the wall to claim you then the wall is probably a myth. I mean a if a woman in her late 40s can still find a man like snap of a finger ,but that man isn't a chad is supposedly a big deal? She got to ride the cc and in the end got the respect of a wife, is it really a loss?

Even if the wall does claim women, they are surely in the minority. Even if post 30 a man's prospects increase I doubt a woman's decreases to a level where it affects her dating life. I've just read an article about a 60 yr old woman going to 150 dates in a year meanwhile I doubt most men are able to get that many.

Meanwhile apps like tinder inflate female SMV.

Not only are they saved in their decline but also given a free ticket to 'financial independence' when these ex-wives are gifted the car , the house and 50% savings in a divorce.

So don't you think it's overplayed a bit. The effects of the wall on women.