I just have to get this off my chest, because if I don't, I'm going to go all Edward Longshanks and toss someone out a sixth floor window. This is a followup to this previous post.

Women don't own their shit. Women aren't accountable for their actions. They don't take responsibility for the failure of their relationships.

I will set out real, actual relationship failures. I'll set out what the women said about their relationship failures; and what REALLY happened.

Case study 1:

She says: He was a drunk, a jerk, and a layabout. He beat me and cheated on me. I had no choice but to leave him.

FACT: She started fucking him at 15. She let him knock her up at 18 and "had to get married." Stayed with him 8 years, during that time had a second kid. She married him because he was hot, fun, and had access to good drugs. It was only when shit got real and his getting drunk and high all the time stopped being "fun" that SHE left HIM.

Case study 2.

She says: He was really nice, but he had a small dick. Seriously, a micropenis. The sex just wasn't good at all.

FACTS: He had a small dick, but she knew that because she fucked him on the second date. She got into a relationship with him anyway because he had a good job. She crushed him when she left him 10 months later, because he really cared about her and thought she cared about him.

Case study 3:

She says: He was a complete asshole. We started out as fuckbuddies, and then he gave me herpes. So I stayed with him. Moved in with him, I ended up supporting him because his only job was as a drummer in a local garage band and he had no income beyond his gigs. Things got worse and worse... he beat me up. He was drinking too much. He cheated on me, I tried to keep him from cheating on me by sucking him off in my car before he left for the weekend on a gig. When I got back, he smacked me around while he was drunk, and that was the end of it.

FACTS: She got with this guy knowing all of this about him. She herself was a drunk and a substance abuser. She abused him too by hitting and spitting at him. She put up with all of it.

(This is a common theme - women getting with men knowing all of their faults; and then complaining about those faults and blaming the men for those faults busting them up, when they knew from the very beginning who and what these men were.

Case study 4:

She says: I broke up with the asshole because he cheated on me.

FACTS: She had been with him about 6 months when things started going down hill. She got bitchier and nastier for one reason or another. He had been working hard. He had gained some weight. She wouldn't have sex with him. She started refusing him. He cheated on her and told her about it, mostly because he was starving for affection and he didn't care what she would do about it. She broke up with him.

(Yes, he cheated, and yes, she ended things because of it, but she left out an awful lot of relevant detail, don'tcha think?)

I'm really sick and fucking tired of women blaming 100% of the failure of their relationships on the men involved, when these women are responsible for breaking them up; or when they get into relationships with men they know full well are unsuited to relationships.