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"Overheard my girlfriend say she would leave me for someone taller. She's 4'11, I'm 5'9."

September 8, 2019

Overheard my girlfriend say she would leave me for someone taller

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My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 years. Last night she had some friends over after she finished work. I work from home so I only left my office to be formal and say hello and continued working. It was easy to hear the conversations they were having eventhough my office is down the hall. I then heard my girlfriend mention that she would leave me for a taller man.Her friends made a comment on how I was a lot shorter than her ex boyfriend. My gf responded:

"If only he was as tall as [ex] he'd be 10 times better, If I could find someone taller than him, I would."

I guess I should mention my gf is barely 4'11 in shoes. I'm 5'9. The issue isn't the height, but the fact that she would leave me for something so trivial. I talked to her about it since and said she didn't mean anything by it, just that she always dated taller men. She has since apologized multiple times.

Is this a red flag of any kind of things to come or is it just me over thinking?

UPDATE: I didn't feel the need to make an entire different post for the update so here it is:

I left early in the morning to make sure I wasn't making irrational choices. When I came back she was immideatly apolegetic, but I didn't want any more apologies. I talked to her about how little respect she had for me that she felt the need to make jokes at my expense. She started crying and begging not to break up and feeding me the standard bs people say when they don't want to break up.

To not bore you with the details, I broke it off. I lose nothing at this point.

I should clarify something from my initial post. I get that people can joke around and it doesn't mean anything, but when I confronted her about she denied it and got very defensive. That's the part that got to me. The fact that she tried to cover it up before apologizing.

I read all the comments and thank you.

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