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After a long think

February 27, 2020

Hi everyone.

So. This link ( ) is doing the rounds on one of my buddies chat groups.

I honestly can't tell if this whole place is supposed to be a joke or not. I'm terribly sorry. It just... okay so... I've been online for a very long time. I used BBS and primordial chat rooms during the mid 90's. I met loads of people there that would become real life friends in the future. Including people I'd team up with on projects, and even hire later on. I'm no "expert" at all just experienced. Historic. A dinosaur?

I've seen it all. When I first played Quake 3 online I used to play as a character. A famous TV character of the time. It was a lot of fun - I wasn't being myself, I could let off steam and be this comedy person. The vast majority of people were my victims but some of them understood and were in on the joke. An even smaller subsection of those people would even play along.

Then Myspace hit. It was fun in a dull way but I didn't get that attention spike I used to. So I'd create alt accounts. I remembered a friend at school that thought he was a vampire. Like no shit he was educated, we all were, we all went to a very good school. Maybe he was neuroatypical? Who knows as he long fell out of touch with everyone. So my account was a vampire version of my friend. I got another buddy involved. All we did was cheer folk up posting vampire puns, references to famous school events. It was all a good laugh and people loved it. My attention was sated.

Then I don't know what happened. Maybe my work just provided all that attention I needed. Maybe I just mellowed out in old age.

I've always been a normal guy. My family is well off, I had a decent enough education, had lots of friends, love, happiness growing up. I was raised a weird mix of right wing stuff;

  • you've got to be responsible for yourself
  • nobody will help you
  • there's never a good reason to commit a crime
  • taught archery and firearms in order to hunt, and to skin and cook
  • if someone is poor it's their immediate family's fault if not their own

But also centric and left wing stuff too;

  • always recycle
  • environment is king
  • racism is equal to committing a crime
  • no swearing
  • pay your taxes, pay your share
  • never waste anything, especially food, double especially meat (if you're getting full during a meal eat the meat)
  • avoid using petrol/diesel
  • hate nazis

I've shaken off most of the right wing stuff. It does mean I've always been an unbiased voter selecting whoever is best for the job at that time ... though I can't believe Americans were dumb enough to vote for faux billionaire Trump. Being raised in the 80's and 90's I always assumed right wing americans were the intelligent ones, the ones that were university educated and sat in positions of power. So frikkin weird how it's flipped right around now. Then again the pursuit of knowledge has always been more liberal-leaning tending towards open-mindedness in the face of scientific discoveries.

Any who. Let's get to the point.

I honestly don't believe this is a real phenomena. This whole "red pill" thing. It looks to me like a joke, like people that believe in a 'flat earth'. Of course they know deep down the earth isn't flat. Their whole thing is challenging established facts. They say they believe the earth is flat with a wink as it helps make science fact more solid. The more (as they know them to be) fake stuff they throw at the oblate spheroid reality, the more the reality is checked and confirmed.

That must be the case here. Nobody in their right mind thinks that "lesbians aren't real" or "women don't have sex drives". To take an educated guess such movements were initiated as jokes, parody, or akin to 'flat earthers'. And that a small number of (to be politically incorrect) dumb people or neuroatypical people believed it.

I have witness one chap. A British guy. He was only a teen at the time from what I can gather and very unfamous, unpopular. He once made a really terrible tweet saying 'women that wear skirts should be raped' even though the same person has a photo of himself stood beside family members some of which are wearing skirts. Some old, some young.

See. That guy didn't actually mean what he said. He just wanted attention, he could have stomped around Quake 3 acting like that but he chose to do it on social media instead. From his information I was able to find his address, phone number, the college he attends. I did phone the college to warn them, showing his media post, his face, name and address. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if he had actually raped a person at his college. I check on him from time to time. I discovered he has autism and had written a poem (of all things) on the subject for a local newspaper competition. (his mums an author and businesswoman should he frequent this place). I also messaged randomly selected members of his family my dossier on him just in case they didn't know about his strange rapey behaviour.

So ultimately I don't believe that people actually believe all this stuff. It all looks like a joke. As a man I can't imagine other men being so soft and delicate as to hate women because they themselves are just thoroughly unlikeable people. Scanning the people I know... the only person I can think of that would be attracted to this kind of group... is called Dave. We know he beats his girlfriend up and that he is one of those alt-right libertarian types. The radical violent ones that want to shoot (and they do) politicians they don't like (remember the MP Jo Cox?), or drive their cars into people. There seems to be violence amongst these people when one looks at "incel violence" or conservative terrorism.

That's it. That's all I have to say on the matter. I think the whole thing is a joke, spurned on by (being politically incorrect again, sorry if I offend anyone) neuroatypical people or those that willingly don't wish to participate in society.

Society is great! It's a great source of happiness! You don't have to go ALL IN. You can just dip in every now and then too like an introvert would. That's allowed! Just ... enjoy life. You only have one run at it. Realise you're being spurned on by unhinged people. Detach yourself. Discover that the whole thing is so ridiculous it looks like a parody to us regular folk. You literally don't have to hate yourself. Get a hobby. Find friends in those hobbies. I know the internet can be addictive. Just leave it. Go cold turkey and for gods sake stop being so violent.

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