Intractable Weakness

April 7, 2016

This is a rehash. I've written about this before in my post Women, Children, and Gay Men. My thoughts have advanced from that point though. I posited that the common source of the 'fem behavior' was basically childishness. That women and fem gay men do not progress fully from their default childish nature. In part that is right, but I think it's incomplete.

Power is the overarching variable in all of this. Power, the ability to enact one's will, is the be all - end all of social behavior. When a person acts, they do so to get something from their actions. They use what ever methods are at their disposal to get it. A child will ask his mother for an apple (proxy power). An adult will buy an apple (Direct Power). A king will order an apple be brought to him (Poxy power). The object is the apple, the power dictates the method.

Proxy power is the ability to negotiate the use of another person's power. A woman uses her looks (social value) to get a man to move furniture (Direct power). A child uses his mother's love (Social value) to request food. A man uses his rank (social value) to command troops.

Direct power is the ability to enact one's will without aid. Direct power can be physical or financial or otherwise. The key is that no permission is needed to wield this power, nor is another person's complicity required for it to take effect. It is the individual acting on their environment.

/u/should_ hits the nail on the head in his post the purpose of faggots

If you like more powerful guys (and incidentally are probably a bottom or "faggot" as he calls in the video), you might be psychologically outsourcing a power you can't find in yourself by constantly seeking out these types.

What he is describing is the symbiosis between those with high direct power and those who utilize proxy power. proxy power is only possible through through an association to direct power. Bottom bitches have this draw towards Real Men™ because of this dynamic. Women have a draw towards men because of this. Children have a draw towards parents because of this.

This is where the similarities shine through. A man may look at the behavior of a bottom, woman, or child and find it objectionable and weak. Thats because by their very nature they are weak. They have very little direct power and thats by design. Thats the way it's supposed to be. Men only find this matter disconcerting because we are so used to judging one another based on direct power. We value other men by this standard. In the deep recesses of our brains we are looking for brothers who can stand by our side in war. When we see the apparent weakness of gay men and women and still try to judge them by the same standard there is a conflict.

In a natural state a man should come to terms with the state of women, children, and gay men. He should learn to find their weakness normal, and a part of their nature. There should be no conflict if the man's head is on right.

Generating Artificial Power. The times we live in are anything but natural however. The apparent weakness of our other halves, our ying to our yang, has been artificially increased and bastardized. This is best illustrated through feminism.

Feminists boast high direct power while in the same breath looking to co-opt men for the use of proxy power. The disconnect between their claims and their reality makes them repugnant. Remember, normally proxy power is a transaction, trading social value for use of power. A woman (Im going to stick with women for this part but feel free to replace it with bottom bitch) who believes she has direct power doesn't engage in that transaction. She gives up little or no social value for the use of a man's power. She is a leach. The man is left feeling duped when he hands over use of his power for nothing in return.

Most leaches will suck their host dry if left for too long. This is where the victim status comes into play. Feminism created the victim status to generate extra social value for women. Men have this sort of instinctual urge to protect weak things. When a woman claims victimhood, something in our brains kicks into high gear and want's to lend them the use of our direct power to fix the issue. Feminism is the process of making women strong through fostering greater weakeness.

Instead of trading affection or sex for proxy power, now women can claim to deserve that access by default. She lives in a constant state of disaster that plays on a man's desire to lend power. It may seem baffling to him that no amount of power he lends seems to fix the endless string of calamity that is her life. What he's missing is that drama is her source of power. Discord is the dynamo that powers the weak. All weak people revel in their victimhood, it is the foundation of their identity.

In my next post I'm going to talk about comfort seeking signals.

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