The Purpose of Faggots

February 4, 2016

"The Purpose of Faggots" from fagmaster; 1-minute-few-seconds video

TL;DW he says the purpose of faggots is to be owned by a "real man," and that faggots will be lost until they figure this out. "A faggot has no will of its own; only its master has will."

TL;DR This could be seen as typical seminar of femme-guy-will-naturally-be-desperate-for-masc-guy; but I see something else too involving Will, meaning, purpose, and our most essential selves. Just not so deep into the shallow end as this guy makes it out to be.

We often see and talk about attraction as a fun side effect people have that can be taken advantage of. Want to slay? Get muscles. Want to MGTOW from sex/society? Ok cool here are some good essays on entrepreneurship and passive income -- nothing sexual or regarding your essential self or Will are at stake here! Enjoy!

But what if sexuality goes deeper than that?

In fact, how can it not? Our passionate wailings, top or bottom, cannot be seen as a mere freaky sideshow from our regular lives. Not to say we should go all out and do it on the streets; that serves no purpose. But what if our personal sexuality didn't just indicate "a lot" about ourselves, but was a blueprint of our most essential selves, and all we are at our most basic and pragmatic?

Do we manifest, or not? Do we command, or serve? Do we win, or lose? Do we eat our fill, or make sure others' whims are quelled first? This goes a bit beyond the physics of topping and bottoming.

A devastating breakup with a 'top' can feel like a huge direction in our life is gone and we can feel listless -- like a close relative who was your rock, leaving. When it's a terrible breakup with a 'bottom' where he leaves us for someone better or out of boredom, we hate ourselves and feel our masculinity and self are unworthy, much the same way a straight-RP guy feels when his girl decides to try her luck on someone better than him, like a daughter disowning her father. In both cases the one leaving us is looking for 'better,' but the two sides of the same coin (top leaving, bottom leaving) are crucial to how we feel that pain that sears our entire self, even if it's just for a moment. That pain is largely a litmus test to our connection with our internal power, regarding the whole coin.

If you like more powerful guys (and incidentally are probably a bottom or "faggot" as he calls in the video), you might be psychologically outsourcing a power you can't find in yourself by constantly seeking out these types. In fact he might be right -- you could live your life walking eggshells around a 'real alpha' who gives no fucks about you and you'd be oddly satiated, or at least your psychological wounds that largely turned you out that way would be ok with it. A breakup hurts for many reasons -- how he did it on a voicemail of all places, how it was gradual and you hate him for it, how he was frank/honest/nice but he's still gone. But the visceral pain the dainty guy feels for Chad might have to do with his internalized, lost masculinity that he just grasps in another man and that keeps going away. He has to keep finding it in other men and is thusly a slave; he has low energy on his own and thus craves a 'masculine,' self-ascertained man, or at least the illusion of this.

If you are into smaller guys, I'm not sure how this in itself would indicate a problem, and I'm not exactly fending for myself either by saying it's no problem, as someone who is wacko for jocks. But your relationship with your masculinity is ESSENTIAL with hitting on and sex with bottoms (sex and flirting are the same thing). If you've been receiving delicious dick for a few months and decide to try your luck on a twink, tapping into your more manly self and less fluttery archetype can be tough. Going from a daisy to an oak tree is no simple task. A bottom you're fucking's relationship with you may be a good indicator of how in touch with your power you are though. (I'm gonna say "power" there and not "masculinity" because one's masculinity is basically a result of one's internal power, yeah?)

Both cases deal with our power and where it is inside us -- how much of it we are in touch with, what we are outsourcing to other guys we want to hang off of because we have Fear regarding what would happen if we were to act on our power, and, when dealing with bottoms when we are tops, we feel how powered up our power is at all.

My only 'issue' with his message and the rest of the video's website is that it confuses constant sex with a person's fulfillment -- highly suggesting self-actualization, emotional fulfillment, being found in mere fucking. I disagree. His posts on a top's comandments and a bottom's commandments are very exemplary of the masculine and feminine polarity I can't stop talking about, but to reduce yourself to a caricature of dominance/submission, in my vanilla opinion, is like reinforcing your dumb habits you're doing anyway instead of aiming for transformation.

Sex is a huge indicator of how we are managing our lives, how we see power in others, and how powerful we see ourselves. Most of us are probably not sex-obsessed like fagmaster seems to be. But even if we look at our past relationships and categorize them imagistically and with no top/bottom/masc vocabulary (my first boyfriend I opened up to like a best friend, my chads, the times I've been a chad with a twink), we see that our sense of self, our testing of our masculinity, and our testing of our desirability to a masculine/hero counterpart were in play behind the scenes because it is our base nature, regardless of the logistics and details. "Were you master or servant?" as the extreme fagmaster would put it. These feelings of how Potent we are are incredibly important to our animal selves, and there's little we can do about them. If you are secure in your power you may feel these feelings aren't so important or could possibly be optional things to bother oneself wondering about, when in fact it is the very security with oneself that makes this Potency seem so unimportant.

On the topic of the kind of excessive sex fagmaster promulgates, I'm also incredibly sensitive of cultural Marxism now (and am enough of a tinfoil hat wearer) to know that the sex-show all around us is not incidental and no accident, and that elites win materially and in the long-term by having the population fuck itself into poverty, dependency, and out of existence. This isn't the place to go too deeply into explaining, but this is why I'm very wary of "just let go and bump uglies!" propaganda -- despite my lifestyle :^) -- and urge you to beware of being a total sloot! We are things beyond sex. Sex is the great indicator; we can get primal with sex. But goddamn it isn't everything.

That is the paradox: we are greater than beings we identify as animals, many of which are survive-and-reproduce programs, a lot like us but more so. But, to gauge your essence, watch how you fuck, what you want to fuck, what you let fuck you, and why you fuck. Then power-up and improve your life from there. Why aren't you letting yourself own all your power?

Edit: got bottom-commandment and top-commandment links switched

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