Women, Children, and Gay Men

July 18, 2015

I learned to drive because I thought it would get me girls. I got my first job because I wanted to have money to go on dates. I forced myself to learn people skills so that I could talk to a crush I had in high school. After the eventual rejection by the subject of a serious case of oneitis I came to a realization about myself: Most of the maturing I had done as a young man had been in an effort to impress women.

Women demand a lot of men. Women have a very specific and often absurd model of masculinity that they hold up and compare any potential suitors against. This in turn has the effect of transforming the male population into a reflection of that masculinity.

Women have only to conform to men's standards to succeed. These standards are usually highly physical, and so women find little to push them mentally. No man makes the ability to change a car tire a prerequisite for a sexual relationship, and thus many women never investigate this skill. While men are pushed to overcome hardship on their own, Women are pushed to leverage their sexual worth and solve problems via proxy power. Thus you have the scene of a male road side mechanic changing a tire for a distressed female driver.

The comparison between gay men and women is made often. Effeminate gay men are seen as less than real men. They share too much in common with the behaviors or women to garner the respect of their fellow man. For anyone who has entered into a relationship with one of these men, speculation as to how they became who they are is inevitable.

I posit that Fem gay men are not like women, but that both women and fem men are similar to children. Even highly masculine men start out like them, but only through the pressures of female selection do they develop into the men we know. Many gay men disassociate themselves from the masculine identity at an early age. They don't expose themselves to the culture of men and they certainly don't vie for the attentions of their female peers. In a sense they are forged in a cold furnace.

RP sidebar is famous for the article "Women are the most responsible teenager in the house. This metaphor is more accurate than one might initially imagine and it crosses over to gay men as well.

Consider this next time you find yourself fucking a particularly fem guy. Really you're just fucking a child. You sick motherfucker.

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