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Are there FDS rules for OLD? I might have missed them

June 22, 2021

I’m wondering about things like: Who contacts who first after you match?

If I end the chat for the day, do I wait for them to initiate next time or do I initiate since I stoped?

How long/what qualifies as moving from app to phone call/text? Who makes that suggestion , me or them?

Who initiates meeting up/dates, always them?

I’m new back on here after a divorce and then a serious 3 year relationship. Took the last 9 months to do a lot of work, therapy, etc to address and acknowledge my codependency, abandonment, scarcity/abundance issues. I’m really only the apps now to test it all out. Catch my triggers, discover and enforce boundaries, check for any pick me behavior. So any rules or guidelines or advice is helpful!

I’m already limiting the time I spend on the apps and limiting the interactions, always trying to be first to end the convo, trying to weed out anything I did or went for in my last relationship.

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