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Are there men out there who don’t either demonize or fetishize virginity?

January 6, 2021

I’m 19F and have never had sexual intercourse. I have done other things of a sexual nature, but never PIV. I don’t see myself getting into a relationship any time soon, so I predict it’s gonna be quite a while before I lose my virginity. That being said, it’s so frustrating how virginity is viewed for a woman. On one hand, you have men that think you’re prude, uptight, or think there may be a reason why other men don’t find you attractive enough. On the other hand, there’s the men that fetishize virginity and perceive you as pure and “untouched”, wanting desperately to be your first. Where are the men that don’t care about your sexual past and will be patient and understanding of your lack of experience without being overly eager about it? Part of me wants to just get it over with but I know that completely goes against my boundaries, and frankly I don’t wanna give a random man that satisfaction. Anyone have an optimistic story on this topic?

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