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Casual sexism or unprofessionalism?

May 2, 2021

I study ComputerScience, and in my classes the majority of teachers are men, the class is mostly men with 1-3 women in each class.

Last Friday in my SQL class, the tutor asked if there were anymore questions. I raised my hand to ask a specific question about the syntax used in an example query. I asked "Why is that column name in all capital letters?". The teacher started laughing at me, and like a chorus, the table of men in front of me and the sides all broke out in laughter. It was humiliating but I hope that my face didn't show it. After they finished, I repeated my question (a little more serious). The teacher replied "I am not sure to be honest, it was probably a typo in the presentation" and trails off about making errors in the presentations followed by small laughs from himself and the class. I asked a few more questions until the laughter died down.

A few moments later one of the male students asked a question about the purpose of a view. As expected, the tutor gave a good explanation. I thought it was reasonable as first, thinking maybe my question was oddly specific, but... BUT AS A STUDENT I SHOULD NOT BE LAUGHED AT FOR ASKING A QUESTION.

Anyway...I feel like Ellie woods at the beginning of Legally Blonde. Its just time for me to start my amazing study montage.

I am in conflict with deciding if this was a case of casual sexism, or just unprofessionalism from the tutor. I am definitely leaning towards the second. What do you think?

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