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How do I let go of relationship trauma ?

May 30, 2021

I’ve been no contact with my NEX for two months, and the more time I’ve spent away from the relationship, the more time I’ve had to process the true extent of the abuse I experienced. Analyzing the emotional abuse I experienced has transported me into a very anxious, guilty, and depressed state. He triangulated me with both real and imaginary women. He never expressed in true desire in wanting to be committed to even though we went through a traumatic pregnancy event that resulted in an abortion. He manage to curate his Instagram to be filled with half naked pictures of young women. He defended pornography and obviously developed an addiction, as he was no longer able to consistently perform in bed. He made disparaging comments about women, specifically women of color, although he claims a sexual attraction to Black, Latina, and Asian women. He stopped making an effort to take me out. He was cheap. He never cared about my emotions or mental health struggles. He’d goes days without contacting me. He sought after women like me in their early 20s even though he was 38. And he conducted many more problematic actions which are too angering fit me to even mention here, yet I feel deeply guilty. I feel guilty that I did not live up to his expectations. I feel guilty that I decided to ghost rather than offer an official ending. I feel guilty that I reacted to harshly to his negative behavior.

I want to release the feelings of guilt and shame. I want to love myself again and recognize my beauty and talents. I want to free myself of this trauma, so that I can one day enjoy romance and sex with a man.

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Have you done therapy?

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