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"If he wanted to, he would", but why doesn't he want me?

March 28, 2021

I always hear "if he wanted to, he would," and it reminds me that I deserve better and should leave. And that even if he did want to, the bottom line is that he was too cowardly to do it, which I don't want anyway.

But what I'm struggling with is accepting that he didn't want me. How could a LVM have the audacity to not want me when he was way shittier to me? Please help me reconcile this or send relevant links.

I know I shouldn't need validation, but it eats me up sometimes how he treats me so poorly and acts like I'm so horrible when he won't even recognize how he hurts people. I want him to want me not so we can date but so that I can crush him, if not an apology since karma or justice seems to rarely come for men. I don't like that he won lol

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