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I’m so fed up. I truly want to understand men, why they do these things and why they don’t care?

January 10, 2021

Me and this guy who I’ve known for a couple years as a friend have been on dates in the past. We started talking again and hanging out recently, per his request. Our chemistry is amazing and we have lots of fun together, he’d tell me how beautiful I am and how interesting I am, etc. but not in a love-bomby like I’ve seen with other guys, he was into me for years and I am finally in a spot where I can date again, because before that I was in and out of a toxic relationship.

Cut to the day before New Years, he said he wanted to see me again this week but flaked on me...not once on Thursday but TWICE. He did it on Saturday by not even texting me in advance. I had to reach out first because it was 8pm.

I probably shouldn’t have even messaged him. When he told me he was flaking, I replied and said “You’re flakier than a croissant. Not the best quality in a friend or otherwise, I find it to be disrespectful. See you around”.

So I’m assuming he’s not that into me and decided to basically tell him he wasn’t respecting my time. Why don’t men ever say, “Wow I messed up let me apologize and make it up to her?” He didn’t respond to my message at all, and that just pisses me off more to know he doesn’t even care. I don’t understand. I think romantic films and Disney has made women think men are good and kind but in reality they always have the audacity. Why? I just want to understand. I truly don’t understand men.

In the past, I have had a guy literally do all the HVM relationship things, and then dump me on a romantic getaway HE planned. Please provide some clarity on why men are like this. I think I’m just going to die alone, by choice. The guy who flaked yesterday is 27, and I’m 26 (for context).

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