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Is there a body part that you feel hyper self conscious about? If so, how have you managed to feel confident over time?

April 5, 2021

After being in a series of failed relationships with pornsick older men, my self esteem and body image is at an all time low. These men were particularly harsh about the appearance of my chest. They felt they weren’t either the right size or shape. I feel totally disgusted by them, because I’ve been programmed to think so. How do I manage to improve my body image and feel okay with my natural body rather than feeling the need to surgically alter it?

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Title Is there a body part that you feel hyper self conscious about? If so, how have you managed to feel confident over time?
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Personally, my belly. I have been injecting insulin for 14 years, which messes with fat distribution, and I've had two pregnancies and one cesarean. I'm not overweight - underweight if anything - but I've always had a belly. I don't feel too self conscious about it anymore because nobody sees it, and anyone who does will consider it a damn privilege by the time they do. It's also part of who I am, tells my story, and I can't change it. Worrying about what it looks like isn't good for my self esteem, especially because it is entirely beyond my control.

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I surrounded myself with radfems. Honest to god, just following radfem twitter accounts and interacting with those ladies. I would say interacting with the ladies in FDS is similar! Granted, I've noticed there is hyperfeminisation in FDS compared to standard radfem belief (no makeup, hairy legs, living neutrally and embracing it) but it is close enough. I don't know any other radfem communities atm but they helped me immensely.

Anyway, my body part I was always self conscious about was under the waist. Also chest, but mostly that. Porn instilled it into me it should be tiny and barely visible. I was sick to my gut when I got together with my first male relationship the one I'm currently in because I was terrified he'd be grossed out if he saw my body because I know the jokes men make. I played cool, like I didn't care, and owned it. Radfem ladies told me its NATURAL, there is nothing wrong with how we are born. Learn to realise that and if you must find a partner, find one that loves all of you. My current partner has never said a bad thing and in fact is obsessed with my body, even the parts I always hated but now love. You're a human, you're unique, there is nothing inherently wrong with how you are built.

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