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Missing cuddling

February 15, 2021

A year ago I thought it would be terrible to be single and I would feel so alone. I have grown a lot and am feeling stronger and am loving being single. The one thing I miss (not w my ex in particular because he was trash, I'm not yearning for his presence) is the feeling of being cuddled, hugged, held by someone who actually cares about me. I know touch withdrawal is widespread under the current circumstances but I'm not a huggy person w friends or family so that's not something I can use to supplement this feeling. And I have no pets, not comfortable getting a massage during COVID.

Especially when there's an actually meaningful relationship being played out in a show or movie, I feel this ache for tenderness and love- this is mainly an early morning feeling or late at night before I go to sleep. I'm also finding myself crush on celebrities who play sweet characters in shows and that same sort of ache. Any advice for how to deal with this? I feel too distracted by it at times and it's so bittersweet and a little painful.

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