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About to file for divorce

April 16, 2020

Okay guys. I've dabbled in MRP and worked my butt off to get in the best shape of my life. I dress well. I groom well, though my hair is getting long with the coronavirus going on.

I'm a good Dad to our 4 and 1 year olds.

But I'm over having a cold distant wife. I feel more alone with her than I do alone. We fight more than anything else. We fuck once or twice a week but she's a dead fish. We've lost all passion despite my efforts. We started a marriage counseling video series at her behest; which I'm about to cancel because she always has an excuse to not do it.

So here's my deal with myself. I'm going to make one last month of all out effort at the advice of this subreddit.

About me: 6ft, 175lbs. I've been doing calisthenics since the coronavirus but I'm above my body weight on all the big lifts (edit: well above, but I haven't been measuring 1rm for a long time). We just went on vacation and I was one of the best looking guys at the resort. It felt good to get all that attention from others. On my last few business trips I wound up in another woman's bed that I had just met. Blocked by ASD but fooled around quite a bit. And the other trip I would have scored had she not had her fat cockblock friend urging her to not join me for dancing. I fix shit around the house, do dishes, run errands, and am good with the kids.

I am now CEO of a company with 20 employees. This company is going through growing pains, especially now with the virus, but I have made good headway. Q4 was our best quarter since I joined. I am a humble, open, honest leader with a firm hand on the wheel and no problem enforcing boundaries.

I have read WISNIFG, The rational male, models, bang, day bang, the way of the superior male, and countless TRP and MRP content

Edit: also NMMNG, the art of seduction, the laws of power, how to win friends and influence people

Working on MMSLP and Sex God Method

Where I struggle is sleep. I don't do good job of letting go of stress and peacefully climbing into bed with someone I don't like.

About her: stubborn and serious with very high standards for herself and others. Jacktenofhearts had some great writings on dealing with this type of woman but I've struggled to understand what he was saying, I wish he were here to ask. Basically it was, withdraw attention and affection from this woman. Other than trying to fuck her, I don't give her much at all outside of normal husband shit: hug her when she cries, make sure my family is safe, make plans for parenting. I was her first because nobody else was good enough. Somehow the luster is lost and I'm not good enough for her now. She's very critical of me, of herself, and worst of all... Of the children. In these cases I've had to step in and tell her it is unacceptable and I refuse to let her speak to my kids that way.

As you can imagine things were different when we were dating

She will not give up captainship to me for anything. She's clinging onto the tiller for dear life as I'm steering us towards a future that we agreed upon years ago. She is convinced the business will fails. She is convinced I will squander and lose my ample nest egg.

I'm over it.

So... What am I missing???

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