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Branches: How do/did you discover them?

April 9, 2018

Read previous threads about my situation: Deployed and wife is possibly cheating on me: meeting a male friend after her class, hanging out with said friend, and going on an overnight camping trip where they both were on the FB "Going" list (Thanks FB feed), only today when I went to check on photos from the trip she and him deleted themselves from the list. The plot thickens...

That's a shitload of fucking red flags or coincidences...

What should I do in this situation as I am deployed until the fall:

  1. Call her out on her shenanigans now? - This could be bad as she could get the upper hand while I am out here.
  2. Hold my tongue until I am back and prepare the NEXT kit? Stash money and improve my SMV for the next phase of life. This is a more conservative approach.
  3. Shop for plates? She's possibly doing it so why can't I? Get out of the system and reset upon return?

Any advice from those that were deployed and dealt with this shit?

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