Do any of you have a "work wife"?

May 25, 2017

New gal started recently; solid 8, religious, married with 2 kids. Last week we had a 1-on-1 meeting to discuss our respective roles and where responsibilities will intersect. There was also some natural get-to-know-you conversation and we found out our personal beliefs are complimentary in a number of ways. This prompted her to declare that she thinks she'd be a good "work wife" for me. She's brought it up a couple other times since then in different contexts so I guess this is something she's looking to actively nurture.(?)

This whole question is more out of curiosity on my part. Is this something to be encouraged and have fun with? (I recall one of you fellas talking about getting ladies at work to cook/bake for you) Should I treat it like workplace hook-ups and not shit where I eat? I don't plan on referring to myself or her as a work spouse and her persistence so far doesn't really bother me.

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Title Do any of you have a "work wife"?
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