FR: Initiated twice and got mild insomnia from it

November 28, 2015

So last night wife gets a shower, comes to bed and says I didn't giver her a backrub (I told her to give me one during dinner). I replied that is easy to fix, told her to take her pijama pants out, and when she lies down I take her underwear out and start rubbing her back and ass. After a bit I tell her to face-up and I initiate, she complied first but isn't too into it and complains that if she had asked to see something on TV I would have told her I didn't want to at that time, so why are we doing this then, but at least I'm being gentle. I get off top of her and go sleep.

Then suddenly in the middle of the night I'm taking her from behind, doggy style first then spooning... And wake up just before ejaculating. At least I narrowly dodged the wet dream. I get up to go take a leak and have to wait some minutes for my erection to go down. Meanwhile she gets up and goes to the kitchen do something she had forgot. Well, as she is awake I initiate again and get on top of her, again complaints from her she wants to sleep. I admit I thought "if sleeping now is so important, then why did you go to the kitchen" but STFU. Back to sleep. Or not really as I couldn't relax properly. Now I'm up and already had breakfast, she is still in bed.

I have to be doing lots wrong here. I'm making another post on nomenclature because I'm not sure about some differences.

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Title FR: Initiated twice and got mild insomnia from it
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Date November 28, 2015 8:15 AM UTC (5 years ago)
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