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[FR]Open your eyes, fellow fag.

March 22, 2019

So, this is a post from the "relationships" sub. Open your fucking eyes, faggot.

You're playing onetis patty cakes and your woman is playing fucking dodge ball.

I (29f) don't know if I should stay with my bf (30) after 5 years of really difficult sex life


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Been together in monogamous relationship 5 years, from the start, really difficult sex life. He said he had PIED, and after years of no porn, our sex life doesn't seem to be getting better. Difficult time achieving full erection and often when he does, can't last longer than a few minutes without orgasm. Sometimes he blames me for not being more compassionate and loving/helpful during these situations. I recognize I sometimes get frustrated and sexually turned off during these situations and often don't want to keep trying, especially after so many years of failure and often want to not continue to try after it not working or him coming quickly. He says I make the problem worse and am being judgemental and "I don't want to help," but I try and it is not an easy situation for me to navigate. There have been good times in between and he's tried everything from Cialis to herbal medicine to therapy to diet change to changes in the bedroom, like oral and a toys. Some things have worked, but nothing consistent. After 5 years, I'm at a loss. I don't see an end to this and feeling hopeless. I love him as a person but don't feel a sexual connection. I want to settle down and have kids sometime in the future, but can't imagine creating a future with this being a problem. What do I do?

Tldr: many years of sexual problems in monogamous relationship, not sure how to fix it or if I should leave

Edit: we've tried couples and personal therapy in the past. Maybe we didn't find the best fit but didn't help and now bf is really reluctant to go again and says they won't help


Now go lift, read, and STFU.

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