Girlfriend wants me to train her.

March 5, 2020

Just a quick one. My girlfriend says she wants to get in better shape, never been to the gym in her life so she’s a complete noob. In the past I’ve said no, my general opinion on training with a woman is it’s pretty gay, strange as that sounds, my time at the temple is my time and I don’t really wish to share it with her.

Here is the thing though, she’s getting pretty thicc and would actually look great if she did some weights.

Is this a genuine want to get fit or some covert way of spending time with me/checking up on me? Or should I help her?

I’ll save you some time, yes I’m a massive autistic faggot, that’s why I’ve taken to the internet to get an answer like a simp.

P.s what should I start her on first winny, Var or tren? She’s never done a cycle other than her monthly one.

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Title Girlfriend wants me to train her.
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