How to get motivation back?

June 11, 2018

Hi, it's been a few months in my journey, going consistently to the gym, sex life on the rise, wife behavior getting better, financials are not in crisis but not good, and that where my problem is.

Previous marriage where i was a complete beta provider went completely to shit, i live in México (US $4.50 a day minimum wage)so take everything in context, we had a pretty comfortable life, 2 cars, we rented in a pretty nice part of town, had US $10k in savings to make a downpayment on a house, a couple small business, wife had $500 sunglasses, $200 boots, $400 Coach purses, DSLR camera, house had every appliance you can think of, basically we were pretty well off financially.

When i discovered my previous wife infidelities i did the "right thing", and left with my clothes, my laptop and my car, wife proceeded to spend every dime, sell anything of value and live the high life with the new boyfriend, she ended up living in a vecindad (something like this, which is one of the lowest places you can live, with my daughter in tow, while myself kinda went back to the level i was at my early 20's.

Problem is with the new wife, i cant motivate myself to be better off financially, in my previous relationship i always had a hustle going on, making money on several ways, seeing the opportunities to make money on everything and acting on it, with the new wife sometimes i feel like i'm pushing on how much financial trouble she can handle, as to make her prove herself, and i cant motivate myself to excel, and kick ass on the things i do.

Any tips on how to get my drive back? is this the kind of thing i should get professional help?

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