How to respond and hold frame.

January 12, 2020

I’ll get straight to the point. We had a family holiday booked last November, it was cancelled due to the holiday company going out of business (Thomas cook). We got a full refund but because 200,000 people also had their holiday cancelled, the holiday prices went up so we decided to wait until the new year to book.

Since we made that decision things have changed a bit, I’ll elaborate more in OYS tues. The point is i don’t want to spend 10 days abroad with her and the kids atm. So last week when she brought it up I told her to wait until we’ve sorted some things out, the main problem is the way she behaves when her son is around, too much to go into now but it completely changes the family dynamics.

Today she texts me saying ‘I want to book a holiday in the January sales, you need to let me know if you are coming, I’d like you to come but if not I’m going to go with my friend (female obviously) and the kids.’This bitch is using my own shit back on me, that’s exactly what I’d say to her if the situation was reversed, she’s trying to AMOG me lol. ‘I responded with, ‘we will talk in person, not over text and do not do anything until we’ve spoken about it’

Half the money is mine but it’s in her bank as she got the refund, I couldn’t give a fuck about the money personally, I’m more concerned about losing frame by A. Allowing her to keep it and B. Her leading the decision and going alone.

I realise this is seriously autistic and no I haven’t been eating paint chips, how do I respond when we talk in person?, if I tell her she can’t go, she won’t but I’m not going to be forced into going now when it won’t be fun. Is it reasonable to say make them wait?

EDIT: I spoke to her about it earlier, I said to her we will start looking at holidays now and put a deposit down if we see something suitable, but we won’t be going until later in the year which gives her time to sort out the issues with her kid, she may or may not do that, but I came to the realisation that, wether she does or not is no real concern of mine. If they can get along, great, if not, fine I’ll still have a good time doing what ever I want to do, kids included. I was giving way to many fucks about this and in hindsight I think ultimately it was one massive shit test to see if I’d step up and lead.

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