I guess my main event is going to be today.

March 6, 2020

I'm using my one victim puke here.

This morning I made the apparently unforgivable mistake of waking my wife up with the hair dryer and shutting the front door too loud.

That led to this little conversation.

For clarification, her "sickness" is just a cold. Her "exhaustion" is because she stayed up until midnight watching TV, and her "early wake up" was at 8 am. Standard shit test making a huge deal out of things.

I'm going to go have a couple beers with my boss, go home, and get the house in order for my parents coming over tomorrow. She definitely won't clean in this kind of mindset.

Honestly my wife seems so wound up it looks like she might actually petition for divorce. That's fine if she does, I'm not about to roll over and whine for her.

For the guys out there who have had their main event, I would appreciate a little feedback as to how this goes. Is it just a standard shit test, but bigger? Should I record the conversation in case she tries to pull a DV lie on me? Is it appropriate to provide comfort at any point during this, or do I just keep doing my own thing while she loses her mind?

See you guys on the other side.

Edit: I guess she has the papers for me to sign. I'll make her formally serve me, and then lawyer up if she does.

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