I want to like my wife again

September 14, 2018

I used to be so into her. All about her. We were best friends. Had so much fun together. Things were great. I really enjoyed the sex and always wanted to have it.

Now sex is like whatever and I look at random women and want to rip them apart. I went from crazy player over 100 chicks bedded to settling down with her over the years. And she really does make my life better overall.

She just gets annoying to me sometimes and I have a hard time wanting to do things for her like I used to. Sometimes I sit back and think man I was so into this girl. What happened. I don’t even know what happened besides just getting comfortable and bored of the same old thing.

I know it’s my job to spice things up but I’m having a hard time finding that motivation or effort. Lately I have been forcing myself to lighten up with her and have more fun.

Part of me wants to be single and go fuck all the women I want again but I know deep down that’s not that fulfilling for me in the long run. And It throws me into a bad life style trend. I honestly am a bit ungrateful for the value my wife provides for me.

She’s loyal to the bone. Cooks. Cleans obsessively. Is a great mother (well I know she will be with how she is with her nephews.) gives me sex whenever. Makes good money. Is supportive with everything. Smoking hot and foreign. And she’s always thinking about me. Always going above and beyond for me and the relationship. And I am just whatever about it. The thing is I don’t want to be whatever about. I want to actually like her again. This is the longest I ever been with someone by a long shot. Like I said I Was a ONs guy. So is this how thing just are? I read some of you say your girl is your best friend and not in a corny cliche kind of way. What the hell am I doing wrong here? Or am I just being unrealistic?

Patrice’s bit about liking and loving a girl are spot on here.

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