I'm pretty sure I'm going wrong, need some advice gentlemen.

September 6, 2019

35y, 5'9", 178lbs, 15% BF, married for 8 years, kids: 2 boys (4yrs & 2yrs)

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I’ve been RP aware for about a month now and it’s completely changed my mind set. It’s given me hope for the future and plans that I didn’t have before.

My marriage was and is still just a typical modern day marriage. I see it everywhere. Friends, family, co-workers, all going through this modern day beta male syndrome. Low amount of sex (once a month at best), adhering to the woman’s needs and trying hard to keep them happy so it doesn’t “upset” the relationship. She’s angry/sad/moody, better fix that shit right now. Being a beta male and letting the passion go in exchange for boring comfort, which quite frankly slowly drains the life out of both partners.

I recognised this and found MRP. I’m awake and I’m making changes to myself so that I’m don’t remain as this blue pill faggot pussy bitch anymore.

The thing is, it’s really fucking hard to keep this slow paced. Once you find out this gold mine of information, you want to implement it immediately to make things better in your life. I did.

As expected during my change from BP faggotry to this RP mind set, there’s been 3 main times my wife has called me up on it (aside from the everyday shit tests etc). In fact, the type of shit she was coming out with really made me laugh as I completely expected all of it having read so many posts on here that were very similar. These conversations were mostly about my change, my new found interest in sex and how she doesn’t like sex as much as me. The one that made me laugh yesterday was straight after we smashed… “I need time in between sex to build up to be horny”. I genuinely laughed at this one, like how long do you need… It was 4 days since we last fucked… ill just give you a month each time then haha…

During these conversations I was asked a lot of questions. I couldn’t see a way out of not answering these without making her more insecure. I think I read them as comfort tests tbh, but I genuinely am not advanced enough yet to be able to know for sure. I completely understand why she’d have these questions, as I’m changing… I’m not a fucking push over anymore, I want MORE sex, MUCH more than we’ve been used to for the past few years, I’m taking charge in our relationship and family trying to be the captain… So I took it upon myself to explain a few things about the changes I’m going through as some comfort for her to not feel lost… Whether this was the correct thing to do or not, I really don’t know.

I’ve made some of my desires quite clear. I want more sex (and I’m getting more sex now), if she doesn’t want to give me more sex then we won’t continue like this (the response I got from this was the feeling of more pressure to have sex with me now otherwise I’ll leave her). I want more passion and desire, something which I know will take time to develop again, but that I believe is possible. Without giving away anything about RP, I explained that I’m trying to become a better version of myself. I’m trying to lead our family, but her input is still important. I’m trying to re-ignite some passion within our relationship. All of this I’m doing because I want to do it, I want this to happen and it’s what I see for our future. I’m just trying to be happy. I’ve been lazy over the past years and not lead my family where I should’ve. I also laid out some plans I have for our family, such as house upgrade, more excitement in our spare time and having more time for each other as well.

I know at the moment she’s not on board completely. Seems like she’s having trouble letting go of the fact that I don’t want to be her beta bitch anymore and it was mentioned that I’m making her feel like a little girl and that I’m taking charge of everything.

I’m in her frame. This I know. This is something I want to work on. I need to NGAF, but I’m finding it tough when she keeps coming out with this crap about not being happy about my changes. I’m doubting myself.

I know I should probably just keep rolling, concentrate on me and trying to understand how to maintain my frame and not let her bother me. Obviously I’m not there yet. It’s a fucking tough journey guys. I still feel weak, definitely. I know I can get there, whether or not she joins me, well I’ve said that’s up to her and if it doesn’t work out between us then that’s the way it goes, but I want it to work. It’s tough to not want it to work when there’s kids involved.

I guess I’d like to know what you guys think about this situation. Does it sound reasonably normal in terms of guys turning the ship around? Do you normally get these kind of tests where she calls you out on the changes you’ve been making?

Do I carry on like I have been, or try and slow down a bit, and if so how does one slow down? I feel I need this much sex, but if it’s making her unhappy (is that just bullshit or should I listen to this as a sign of RAMBO?)

Fuck, I’m confused.

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