Is my wife crazy or am I going rambo

January 19, 2018

Ok gents let me lay this down. Been reading the books and lifting and feeling good. Still early days.

So it was my birthday this week, wife was doing a night shift on my birthday so I was stuck at home looking after the kids. (She won't have babysitter... Long story)

I mentioned it would be great to go out for a meal as a couple or family but money is tight after Xmas.

My family (mum and dad) who we get on well with suggested we all get together at their house (it's bigger) at the weekend and have a cooked meal, I checked the calendar all looked good so I said yes that would be great let's do that. I didn't check with the wife but I felt hey I can do this I can do what I want.

So I mention what I have arranged and she isn't keen, then the wheel of excuses rolls out. The kids won't get to bed on time (they are 20mins away). Why can't they come to us. Why don't you consider what I want. Its stressful for me.

So I just said of it's too much hassle you can stay at home with the kids or I can take them with me. "You don't care what I want etc.." I said that's what I wanted to do. Stfu left went to gym

I get back late and she is in bed, i get in bed go to put my arm round her. Get a don't touch me you don't even care.

She is grinding her teeth and her stomach is churning. She appears propperly stressed out. I guess this will blow up again and again. This normal?

I forgot to add, she has always been controlling and treats me like a doormat. Whenever I stand up to her she gets very angry

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