Lack of success during Ovulation can't be good

January 3, 2016

I started tracking it on Clue for 2 cycles and in both I haven't had sex during her ovulation. The previous one was when I left the house, at the start of December.

Several days ago during her previous menstruation I got PIV in consecutive days. For future reference, as I also started tracking it in Clue, I had a PIV total of 8 times during the month December (plus one pretty decent handjob, maybe the best one she ever gave me).

This cycle, Clue tells me her ovulation was yesterday so I will still be initiating today but it is frustrating that I'm not getting to be inside her during the Ovulation, which is apparently the best time to push her limits (I'm finding it hard to NGAF).

It is also puzzling to me, although it is probably just a clear signal of how she views my SMV. She is on birth control pill (someone said that this makes the libido swings less significant throughout the cycle). At the very onset of the fertile period she forgot to take the pill (which I thought was a promising indicator, and I took the opportunity to lead her in creating a proper reminder system so it doesn't happen again). We had a PIV session still in December, 4 days ago (condom on from the start, I'm not risking pregnancy).

Whenever I'm physically dominant she ends up giving me a hard no. Yesterday night she told me the best time would be "tomorrow", I joked that the best time is always right now and when I want to. Later, I wrestled with her a bit and she giggled for a very brief time and then got very upset and gave me a hard no.

Of course this morning when I initiated she said no and that she wants to sleep.

I'm not sure what I can do other than persevere with lifting and I don't understand why she was DTF twice during her menstruation, and forgot to take the pill now, and then clams up during ovulation. Can't be good though. Anyone has insight or advice?

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