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Leaving Things Half Done - Shit Test or Not?

November 28, 2018

The last couple days my wife has been leaving stuff half done around the house. She gathered all the little trash cans in the house and left them in my garage gym literally 8 feet from the big trash can. She emptied the kitchen trash and left the bag in front of my car in the garage 15 feet from the big trash can outside. She took the recycling out of its spot in the pantry and left it in the middle of the family room. She emptied the old food out of the fridge, and left it in its containers on the counter getting even more nasty instead of dumping it and washing the containers.

It's not that she doesn't have time. She's been busy with a project, but this is out of character. She's a SAHM and still spends time playing the piano. It looks to me like she's leaving all this half done stuff in the way to see if I'll do it for her. Smells like a passive aggressive shit test or compliance test to me. It would be easy for me to finish it all, but I'm not going to jump through hoops just because she put them there for me.

For 2 days I've just ignored most of it, haven't said a word. Did a load of dishes yesterday, but ignored the rotting food in containers.

Last night I told my son to dump the little garbage cans in my garage gym and take them back to the rooms they go to. He said he didn't want to and I was about to tell him he didn't have a choice when my wife chimed in and let him off the hook. He went upstairs, and I told my wife I'd appreciate it if she backs me up with the him next time. She said yes totally he should should help, then she called him back and told him to empty the garbages.

Do you guys see this as a shit test? Or, is it just a wife overwhelmed with her project and indirectly asking for help leaving half done stuff everywhere?

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