Need genuine examples for frame and how to hold boundries....

January 20, 2020

200 lbs, 315 max bench, 365 max squat, 365 max dead, 8.8% body fat, financially secure, constantly reading sidebar, read most of the books.....

Reading my previous posts will add context....

Improvements: Better at STFUing and not DEERing, better at handling sex refusal, keeping more busy with myself as we just moved in our new home I built, better at holding my frame most of the time

Many struggles but the following is what I seek advice for:

Wife still mostly sleeps with our sins, 6 and 8. Just this morning she slipped into our bed and our 6 year old shortly followed. I have been very clear on my position with this. I struggle a lot with this as I read that I am not to show my hurt but how to balance this with letting her know this is not acceptable?
I am confused guys. A lot of the sidebar states to rise above, be the man whom she wants to follow, be strong, don't be butt hurt.
I plainly and calmly have told her this is not acceptable...yet nothing changes.

I know I should not pit sex on a pedestal, and I feel good about my progress on not showing her my butt hurt, but when we do have sex at my initiating....she ALWAYS whines. Some examples:

I tell her to get on her knees as stare into my eyes while she licks my cock. She whines or comes up with an excuse, blah blah.

She rushes through foreplay ALWAYS and cums journey.

I instruct her to pleasure herself while I watch, and she ALWAYS has an excuse.

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Title Need genuine examples for frame and how to hold boundries....
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