Not a question, just an exclamation

January 3, 2018

Been lurking around r/marriedredpill for a couple months, not ever really starting the process, but seeing the value nonetheless. Always an excuse to not buy in. Finally hit a point that I knew I needed to do something, but do it for me.
Started as directed with the prerequisites in the sidebar. First book, No More Mr. Nice Guy! Holy hell, does this guy know me or what?? I've never read anything that even came close to resonating with me like this book did. Really hit home and got me to the place I needed to be to realize that I desperately needed the help to get past the place I'm at.
Thanks to all the make this place possible and look forward to having many meaningful and enlightening conversations with all

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Title Not a question, just an exclamation
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Date January 3, 2018 5:01 AM UTC (3 years ago)
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