OLTR and plates

September 30, 2018

So I’m in an OLTR I also live with her. It’s been 6 years. I don’t do anything in front of her. Either elsewhere or when she’s at work. Things between us are great.

I will very often get interest on social media. Females sliding in my DMs. It’s effortless to get them to meet up or come over. I’m attractive. Jacked. Good game. We live in a huge house so it isn’t hard to get them over. The thing is when do I tell them about the GF.

I know most of you don’t do this kind of thing but some of you do and have for years

Should I tell them right when I feel they are going to be down to come over. Wait till they bring it up. What are your suggestions? If they ask if I have a girlfriend I usually just say it’s complicated and move on. They usually don’t bring it up again till later down the road.

But since I live with her and plan to bring them over when she’s not home I feel like they should be told about it

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