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Removing Presence and Passing Shit Tests

March 21, 2018

Obligatory Cut the Shit Summary

  • Write down your stats (height, weight, bf%, lifts). You are keeping a journal of your workouts right? 6'2", 202, 14%, bench 220x5, squat 265x5, dead 325x5.
  • Write down all the books you have read in the sidebar and one sentence about what you learned from each one (even if you haven't finished it yet). Read NMMNG, rational male, MMSLP, blue professor’s podcasts, Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, and Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. Halfway through WISNIFG, which is awesome but tough to internalize.
  • Get your testosterone levels checked and write them down. Nope.
  • Write down your ratio of sexual initiations/rejections. Batting about .200
  • Write down the number of women besides your wife you could call right now to chill this weekend. 0.
  • Shit, write down the name of the last girl you flirted with who isn't your wife. None, working DL 1-4.
  • Write down how many days over the past 15 you have actively gamed your wife. 10 (5 were quality).
  • Write down two things you do that make you a good catch. I'm smart and I make people laugh.
  • Write down what you would do today if you did not have a wife/kids to go home to. Work, hike or bike, lift, then hang out with friends.
  • Write down what Dread Level you are on. 1-4.
  • Write down how many more months you have to go until you are an attractive man with options. 10.


On Ovulation day-2, wife comes back from GNO and commences comfort test, I provide comfort, then initiate and we have awesome sex. She told me she felt tingles when I initiated (she's never said that before). Next day she's cuddly and sleepy from being up so late, I let her get to be early and put the kids down. Ovulation day I get up early for work as usual, give her a kiss goodbye and she's clearly DTF, wet and ready to go. I finger her a bit then say I have to get to work so that'll have to wait for later, and that she's making it really hard for me to leave. I realize here I completely blew it. I could have gone for a caveman quickie to satisfy both of us. I could have been a few minutes later to work without adverse consequences and she knows that. Part of my thinking was showing her that I don't need sex, and to build up for that night. Next time I won't make that mistake.

Removing Presence

After work that night, I kino and after kids are down I initiate and get a hard no. I was surprised at the time, but looking back I'm sure she was pissed I didn't pound her in the morning and that dried her up. She goes back to her default line that she only wants sex once a week, and that's her being generous. After the hard no, I STFU, kiss her goodnight, roll over, and go to sleep.

Here's my first question. I know the idea is to remove my presence in response to rejection. I'm not at the point where I can do that immediately, so I thought I'll remove my presence the next day. Is that the right way to remove presence? The next day? Or is it a fresh start the next day?

So, the following day, I go to work, come home and pickup the kids and take them to the park to play, then out to dinner (bring some home for the wife). We put the kids down (kinoing as we do so) and I head directly to basketball after the kids are down and get home at 11.

Shit Test

She's usually in bed by 10, but is still up researching grad schools when I get home at 11. I shower and kiss her goodnight and she's still in the office researching. I go to bed and she comes in at 11:30 and starts asking me questions about credibility of grad schools. I see this as shitty behavior when I have to get up at 5:30 (and she's a SAHM), so I say I'm not starting that conversation at this hour and I have to get up for work. She STFU and played with her phone. Finally she gets in bed and we usually spoon. I roll over to spoon her and she doesn't want me to touch her at all. I STFU, roll over, and go to sleep.

Second question: was that a shit test and did I pass?

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