Suggestions dealing with ambushes

March 9, 2020

Things have leveled off, maintaining a strict diet plan , being more social, wife finally got a job, sex life is ramping up again. I been removing myself from the situation when wife goes into bitch mode, normally she is ok when i come back.

Her latest tactic, is to start bitch mode when it's hard for me to leave example Sunday late at night, weekdays 7 am, stuff like that, last one i went STFU and just occasionally telling her ok, yeah and stuff like that. Question, how to deal with this traps, another tactic she uses when i STFU, is start telling me how i have no balls and stuff like that because i allow her to speak to me like that and i don't say anything, as i see it are just baits.

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Title Suggestions dealing with ambushes
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Date March 9, 2020 11:03 PM UTC (1 year ago)
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