The "E" in DEVI. What have you used that was successful?

December 9, 2016

I've read SGM and think it has some good advice. However, I do think that the DEVI model is mostly intended for people early on in an LTR or a guy who is spinning plates. I find some of these concepts to be hard to implement (with a straight face) in a 10 year marriage. It would be much easier to do this with a new girl who doesn't know all your sexual tendencies after 10 years together.

Anyway, I find dominance, variety and sometimes immersion to be fairly easy concepts to grasp, and I'm still at a pretty basic level with those even then. It's the "emotion" part I struggle with the most. Anyone have any good suggestions, ideas or proven tricks that they've had success using on the wife that checks the "E" box in DEVI? If so please share.

EDIT: I'm mostly interested in examples of things guys have done to advance the E. I have a harder time visualizing it than the other tenants

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Title The "E" in DEVI. What have you used that was successful?
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