The line between plow horse and taking care of family.

May 11, 2019

Here I am again, at my wits end with the wife. Finances suck, so I work a real job, make about 60k/yr before taxes and have been doing a night job three to four night a week to make ends meet. Wife has been sahm for most of marriage, 12 years now or so, been married 16 years this August, three boys 17, 11, 6. Moved to town she wanted to move back to to be closer to her family, bought a house less than two years after move. Doing ok at real job but less than old location due to move. Job is crazy stressful, deadline oriented, commission, pay up and down every check. Always had debt that I now see is due to subsidizing her sahm status. Two cars to take care of, all the bills paid by me, always have taken care of us. I'm fucking tired, never time to myself, the boys, or her and I. Since buying this house there has been no free time due to repairs, painting, while working two jobs and three kids in school. Now she wants a divorce again because I'm not fun, she should not have to get a job because I should gave done better in my career, her words. All kids are in school now fir first time ever. She dies the mom stuff, dinner, homework, getting kids places, but she complains about it all. I started as encouraging her to get a part time job just to make $300 a week do I can quit my night gig. Not asking alot here! I am a good dad, know how to cook, dishes, laundry, etc. She says how will all the stuff I do get done if I work? It's a fucking excuse and I'm tired if being her slave. I tell her I'll have time to focus and grow my real job if not running to night job all the time, plus night job goes till late, like midnight or one am, then I can't get up for work, kids school. I've stopped gym ever since buying this house, still eating good but have list my gains, which she liked. It was working now it's all gone to shit again. Been telling her directly that she needs to get a job, our life will be more balanced, but no. It's been three weeks of no talking except about kid logistics and bills. So what do I do here? I'm not leaving this house I bought for us, and she's not going to give in. I'm a plowhorse but I have kids to take care of here, bills always coming, money always tight. Is it owning shit and bring a man or am I just her bitch. This post sucks, if mods want delete, but don't ban me for being a bitch. This site is all I gave sometimes to get me on track. I am the target audience here, 40, married, not some 22 year old coming here instead of TRP. I need to get flamed again by y'all.

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Title The line between plow horse and taking care of family.
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