The NMMNG / Red Pill contradiction

August 29, 2018

The book No More Mr Nice Guy is an essential start on the Red Pill journey and is listed as the first book to read on all of the RP sidebar material. I am working my way through the book and it has been helpful, eye-opening and revealing. One theme that comes up a few times in the book is that Nice Guys are essentially sneaks. They hide feelings and desires to the point that it creates a series of symptoms that undermine their ability to have healthy, productive relationships.

One of the first recommendations in the book is to talk about your journey with your SO. Anyone on MRP or askMRP will understand how fraught this is. When I first saw that advice I did a full stop. Subsequently I've seen comments on MRP & askMRP echoing my reaction that this is terrible advice. RP is fundamentally a solitary activity and how do you have a conversation with your LTR that you are getting advice from strangers on how to be less of a pussy and improve your alpha male traits? That seems counterproductive at best. But then we're back to these Nice Guy tendencies to sneak around and hide things.

Does this bother anyone else? How have you resolved this issue?

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