The value of an older, mature woman versus younger.

July 24, 2017

I've been lurking and RPing for over a year. Late 40s, recently divorced. Got my shit together. Benching my body weight, handling shit tests, loving life, living it for me.

I recently started testing the dating waters. I met a totally awesome woman, lets call her S. Rather I was doing my own thing and she found me.

S is super together - upper management, making good $$, ex model, super sexy, great body, intelligent. From what I can tell her previous relationships were with betas who worshiped her and then she ended up being mommy to them and hating them. She is now totally aware of this and is seeking a different kind of man.

I have been mostly RP with her, calling the shots, being strong, deflecting shit tests, leading, leading, leading. She loves it. Lapping up every drop. Can't get enough. I find I have to be just a bit soft and comforting to her, but not much.

The sex is absolutely awesome. I'm fit and she craves my body. Won't wash the sheets for days because she desires my smell. I just spent 3 days with her and we lost count how many times she orgasmed. And 2 hours later she wants it again. From what I can tell, this is genuine desire. She has spoken frequently about needing it every day if she is in a good relationship.

I can totally see her being a great first mate.

So here is the thing - she is 47 years old. I'm 49. Her body is really good. She has a bit of fat on her ass and stomach, but not much. Her core is extremely strong. Her arms are a bit lacking, but nothing that a bit of training wouldn't tone up. She has a few sun wrinkles, but nothing major. Beautiful smile, perfect posture, lovely legs. Looks killer in a dress.

Here is the other thing. I look 5 to 8 years younger than I am and can pull attention from sub 40 year old women without much trouble. But when I find those women, I also seem to find trouble - too wrapped up in their kids, financial trouble, poor relationship skills, skittish personalities, etc.

Granted I haven't been dating long and I certainly haven't exhausted all the potential dates out there. But the fact remains that S outclasses the younger women I've meet by a long shot. In fact, S is the highest quality woman I have ever been in a relationship with.

I agree with spinning plates and dating lots. But with every date S and I grow closer. I'm not seeing anyone else at the moment, though the possibility certainly exists. S lives in another city. She is making changes to her life and is hinting she'd like to live closer to me and be exclusive. I can only put off commitment to her for so long.

So, is there something to be said for being in a relationship with a slightly older woman versus a younger women that can't seem to get their shit together ? Would you commit to S ?

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