Things got Worse and Better since OYS (field report)

February 2, 2018

Since starting to read the sidebar,and at least running to start shedding some weigth things have been better, also now i recognize shit tests and life has gotten better.

The problem was with the OYS part, wife has always slacked a bit in the cleaning deparment, house is not dirty but sometimes theres dirty dishes and stuff like that, so i started owning my ship and started picking up the slack she left, and kept the house cleaner, baby stuff ready in the morning etc etc. And all went south, she was angry, resentful etc, sex life went to the floor, she ended up wanting to leave and tell me she was starting to feel unattracted to me, the works. After listening her, her problem was she felt attracted to the fact that i was doing woman stuff, in her mind she's the woman so she's supposed to do cleaning, dishes, clothes, baby stuff etc, and im supposed to do man stuff, she says she prefers me watchin tv, playing videogames, going to run, whatever except the woman stuff, so i stopped, sex life is up again, wife looks happy etc.

whats your view on this?? btw were Mexican.

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Title Things got Worse and Better since OYS (field report)
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