To housework or not to housework

September 5, 2018

44, 5'8", 165, married 15 yrs, redpilled 2 months. OYS #1 here

Basic question about housework, home-improvement projects, and the power dynamic in an RP marriage. My wife is not particularly fastidious about our house. Many of the rooms are messy and anything long-term or project-based is pretty much out of the question. I'm not anal retentive either, but I'd like my castle a little cleaner. My wife works part time but spends way too much time with her job, seems to be always on FaceCrack, and will offer to help another family at the slightest inkling.

So, I'm really torn about how much cleaning to do. I make the money. Shouldn't she be cleaning the house? I used to do a lot more around the house but since becoming RP and thinking a little clearer, I've cut it waay back. But then I'll see the ocassional comment on here about keeping your castle, etc. Is setting up the house the way I want a way of building frame?

So, which is it? Clean the house when your wife won't or make her live in the mess while I do what I want?

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